First Blog, First Post

For the past few years, I have struggled with finding my passion and figuring out where my place is in the world. My background in fashion, food, travel, and the rest of the world may not be from the textbooks, but it is from something far more enriching… personal experience. I have been fortunate enough to experience what I have so far and will be grateful for the journeys that the future beholds. My goal is to write what comes straight from the heart while showing you the ways of a classy lifestyle.

1. stylish and sophisticated
2. of high class, rank, or grade
3. the attribute of being tastefully designed
4. admirably skillful and graceful
5. excellent; fine; superior

Classy in Connecticut is a personal expression of the classy and the fabulous from indulging in shoes to exploring what else is out there in the world. So prepare yourselves for a little bit of everything with a whole lot of class!
Kiss Kiss,

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One response to “First Blog, First Post

  1. fortune,b

    If a company from the fashion world doesn’t look you up I would be shocked. A future UCONN grad, obviously very intelligent with such a passion for a finer “look” in a multi-billion dollar fashion industry makes you a strong candidate for success! Best of luck, follow your passion, to your success!

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