Superbowl Sunday

Go New England Patriots!!

We all know who the classier team in today’s big game is…the New England Patriots! Boston fans are always classy, never trashy (unlike the fans of every New York sports team). Every weekend this season football fans flocked to the bars but none as obnoxious as Giants fans. Sorry I’m not sorry, but I cannot wait to see the “G-Men” lose tonight.

Tonight, the Patriots, led by the stunningly handsome Tom Brady, are going to need to score A LOT. The key for the Pats today is going to be pressuring Manning so he doesn’t have the time to throw. If they don’t, they are going to find themselves in trouble. If they are successful with this, there is no doubt the Patriots will take down Eli and the rest of the Giants. And let’s be serious, Tom is so much hotter than Eli.


Asking my Daddy his thoughts on the game he responded, “New England has the edge on overall offense, points per game, yards gained, at quarterback, rushing yards per game, defensive yards per run, all with a ten game winning streak and revenge factor. The Pats also have the edge in head coaching, Giants have the edge in defensive front four and running backs. Let’s go Patriots!”

We will be watching the game at my sister’s house, bringing over three pounds of chicken wings and eating an absurd amount of carbs and fat until it is no longer possible (good thing I made it to the gym this morning). I wish both teams the best of luck, but I have faith that the Patriots will bring it home to New England for the fourth time.



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