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Live, Laugh, Lilly

Who would have thought that a little lemonade stand would lead to one of the classiest fashion obsessions of all time? Lilly Pulitzer has created an elegant empire that brings out the socialite in everyone who wears it. There is a men’s and children’s collection too!

During UConn’s fall sorority recruitment this year, Delta Zeta dedicated a day to pink and green. A few sisters and I were proud to pose with our ΔZ letters while wearing our color coordinated Lilly Pulitzer dresses. The only thing that excites us more than bows and pearls is getting to wear our Lilly dresses… well, for me at least!

Lilly Pulitzer has completely revolutionized the way women wear pink and green. Delta Zeta is lucky enough to not only share its favorite colors with Lilly Pulitzer, but to have its own unique sorority pattern (shown below). Lilly Pulitzer has done an excellent job with the design, as it expresses what best represents Delta Zeta: pink and green, the killarney rose, the roman lamp, and the turtle.

Lilly Pulitzer currently features three other sorority patterns, with five more coming soon!

Although the Lilly season has just about come to an end here in Connecticut, we will be sure to remember the pretty prints and pieces that brought smiles to our faces all summer long. Lilly Pulitzer features various collections that compliment the colder months, but the summer dresses will have to hibernate for the winter. Not to worry…there are also everyday accessories, home decorations, and office supplies to fulfill your Lilly-loving needs year round.

Where do I get my Lilly? Splash of Pink in Westport, CT is my favorite local Lilly shop, which has an online component as well. Also, Lifeguard Press is an online site that I use to purchase Lilly stationary and gifts. Many department stores and boutiques around the country carry Lilly Pulitzer collections as well!

Here are my “Top 20 Lilly Pulitzer must haves” currently available for purchase:

1. Personalized Ice Bucket in White Zin, $49
2. Resort Chic Metallic Wedge Leopard, $198
3. Cocktail Shaker in Shaken Up, $39.95
4. Acrylic Wine Glasses in Cabanarama, $19.95
5. Tumblers in Floaters, $14.95
6. Acrylic Tumbler with Straw in Nice To See You, $14.95
7. Ink Pen in Patchtastic, $19.95
8. iPhone 4 Case in Bloomers, $24.95
9. Market Bag in Ten Speed, $9.95
10. It’s All About Me Diary in Elephant Hearts, $14.95
11. Opening Night Clutch in Black, $88
12. Circle Notes in Taboo, $15.95
13. Thermal Mug in First Call, $14.95
14. Strike It Hot! Matches in Yeah Baby, $3.95
15. Picture Frame in Have A Coctel, $18.95
16. Latte Da! Mug in Desert Tort, $14.95
17. Highlighters in Spring 2010, $9.95
18. Zippity-do Make-up Bag in Delta Zeta, $38
19. Melamine Bowl, $9.95
20. 2011-2012 Large Agenda, $24.95

And always remember to live, laugh, LILLY!


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